Government Island

Government Island, located just beyond the I-205 bridge, is a popular destination for most Portland area boaters. From St. Helens Marina it’s an all-day trip for our sailboat, and requires one or two bridge openings. But it’s definitely worth it, especially if the weather is good. To the east there…

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Nearby St. Helens Marina: Coon Island


Coon Island, in the Multnomah Channel, is a favorite destination of many boaters in Portland and Columbia County. The Island is owned by the County and is known as the L. L. Collins Marine Park. It can’t be reached except by boat. It’s a favorite of many yacht clubs. For…

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Nanaimo and south to St. Helens Marina


One of the destinations we particularly enjoy, in our wanderings away from our home moorage at St. Helens Marina, is Nanaimo, British Columbia.  Last summer we took a six week trip north to Puget Sound and Canadian waters, and visited Nanaimo twice.  Here are some pictures and memories from that…

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