Nearby St. Helens Marina: Coon Island

Coon Island, in the Multnomah Channel, is a favorite destination of many boaters in Portland and Columbia County. The Island is owned by the County and is known as the L. L. Collins Marine Park. It can’t be reached except by boat. It’s a favorite of many yacht clubs. For those of us from St. Helens Marina, Coon Island is nice and close — about 7 miles south along the Multnomah Channel.  It has two docks — the smaller and older dock is on the west side, and the newer and more desirable dock is on the east side.  If the weather has not been too wet, there is a nice trail around the island.  Facilities onshore (shelter, picnic tables and composting outhouses) are in various states of disrepair.  Evidently the problem is that the County simply does not have the money to maintain the onshore facilities.

Here are a few pictures from the Sauvie Island Yacht Club‘s Valentines Day Cruise 2015. Click on any image to start a slideshow.
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Craig and Barbara Johnston are owners of S/V Sequoia, proud to be St. Helens Marina tenants since 2001.

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