Public Art

Mural cat waiting by clubhouse door - St. Helens Marina public art.

Cat on the dock?

Toni working on heron mural at St. Helens Marina - Public Art

Toni working on heron mural at St. Helens Marina

One of the features of St. Helens Marina, which you won’t find at most other marinas, is the array of public art which can be found on many walls.  Do you think you see a cat on the dock?  Look again — the cat is actually painted next to a door of the future clubhouse.  The artist is Toni Doggett, a marina staffer who might also be minding the store, pumping fuel, or making dock repairs.  You are in for many occasions of delight, finding yet another mural unexpectedly on the next available wall around the corner.

If you like Toni’s murals, you can find more examples of her art in the store, where there is a display of greeting cards, or at her website.

Here are the murals on the shower/storage building.  Click any picture to start a slideshow.

This gallery is currently under repair, please check back soon.

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