Storage Garages Coming

Storage garages coming, in a new project announced by owner Brad Hendrickson.  St. Helens Marina has always offered storage lockers to tenants, generally smaller spaces located on the docks or in one of the floating buildings.  Now plans are afoot to build 13 garages across the back of the uphill parking lot.  These will measure 12′ x 30′ and feature automatic garage doors, and they will rent for $200 per month.  Four of the units are already spoken for, and the remaining ones will be rented with tenant seniority taken into account.  Construction is expected to start sometime in the next 6-12 months.  If this type of unit would meet your needs, be sure to let Brad know.



Craig and Barbara Johnston are owners of S/V Sequoia, proud to be St. Helens Marina tenants since 2001.

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