Tropical art nearing completion

Shower/storage building - tropical art nearing completion.

Toni’s “Fish Tank” mural

Tropical fish art on storage/shower building - tropical art nearing completion.For the art lovers among you, we have good news:  The tropical art project is nearing completion.  Over the past year, Toni has been working on new murals for the restroom/storage building which faces the marina’s parking lot.  The sides facing north and west have now been completed, and work continues on the east side, adjacent to the walkway.  Most of the animals featured are tropical, but there is that dog…

Dog mural, part of tropical art project. Tropical art nearing completion.

Dog swimming in the tropical fish tank.


Craig and Barbara Johnston are owners of S/V Sequoia, proud to be St. Helens Marina tenants since 2001.

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