St. Helens Marina is committed to maintaining a good relationship with the wildlife native to our river environment. You’ll almost always see a great blue heron stalking the docks, watching for an unsuspecting fish in the river. You’ll often hear the squeaks of the river otters, and if you’re lucky you’ll see them — although they are very wary of human contact.

Deer St. Helens Marina -- Wildlife

Deer at St. Helens Marina

Heron - St. Helens Marina wildlife

Great blue heron at St. Helens Marina

There is almost always an osprey tending a nest on a nearby piling, or watching for fish in the river. Deer frequent our shores, and raccoons are sometimes on the lookout for a scrap of food. Sea lions can be seen out in the river, or across the way on Sand Island. Staffer Tammy Blakely has been vigilant for good photo opportunities and we feature her photography here.

River otters at St. Helens Marina - wildlife

River otters at St. Helens Marina

Raccoon at St. Helens Marina - wildlife

Raccoon at St. Helens Marina

Occasionally, of course, animals can make a nuisance of themselves, and if you are having difficulties with an animal in the marina, please let the staff know.

More of Tammy’s Wildlife Photos

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